Our 20 years of experience really shows when it comes to concrete. Check out our previous work for some great before and after shots.

Concrete and retaining wall

Removing existing cobblestones, replacing with half charcoal concrete, clearing of vegetation and building new retaining wall.

Complete exterior revival, driveway and carport

Old driveway dug up and new concrete laid, with a steel-framed carport installed. New front and rear decking, as well as a new colour streel fence to replace overgrown vegetation along the front of section.

Concrete path, section tidy 

New half-charcoal footpath, patio and concrete nibs, followed by revamp of outdoor area. Re-lay of flagstones, new garden edge and landscape

Backyard driveway

New back yard concrete driveaway, 

Concrete driveway

This old driveway dug up and re-laid with new drainage gradient concrete.

Concrete path

New driveway laid along fenceline.

Horotiu Playground 

Here are the before and after's of the Horotiu School playground area which was originally asphalt and cobblestones. A half-black, light broom non-slip finish. Over 600 square meters.

Horotiu Scooter track

The end result of Horotiu scooter track

Pool surround

Here are the before's and after's of a swimming pool pad and paths full charcoal with acid wash.


New driveway laid.